Palomar Townhomes HOA

Planned Development Services (PDS), Management Co 623-877-1396

Shannon Plessel, Community Manager


Call Shannon, if she does not answer, leave a voice message or e-mail her at for: water issues, landscape issues, pest problems, and any other issues under PDS control.

Please do not disturb or interrupt the landscape employee

If there is a problem, Call Shannon

Board Meetings are the 3rd Wednesday in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Sept, Oct, & Nov at 3:00 PM at the Sun City West Foundation.

The Annual Board Meeting

is held the 3rd Wednesday in February

Current Water Schedule Posted 5/15/2024


13419-13435 countryside
13503-13535 countryside
13502-13554 bolero
13402-13438 bolero

Program A      Start time 5am/8:30pm Tues, Thurs,Sat and Sun

Station 1        10min lawn area
Station 2        10min lawn area

Program B     Start time 6am         Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat

Station 3        25minutes drips inside courtyard
Station 4        25minutes drips streetside drips

Program C     Start time 7am         Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat

Station 5        15minutes drips backyards
Station 6        15minutes drips backyards


13202-13224 Aleppo
18623-18675 Palomar
18803-18825 Palomar
18827-18845 Palomar
18847-18863 Palomar

Program A  start time 5am/8:30pm



Station 1        10min lawn area
Station 2        10min lawn area 

Program B    Start time 6am        Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat

Station 3        25minutes drips in courtyard
Station 4        25minutes streetside drips

all backyard drips on these timers connected to courtyard drips.

Streetside timer times:
Countryside dr.
Mica dr.
Spanishgarden dr.
Aleppo dr.

Program A     Start time 6am       Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat

Station 1        25minutes streetside drips
Station 2        25minutes streetside drips

Program B     Start time 7am      Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat

Station 3       15min    Backyard drips

Spanish garden courtyard

Program A Start time 5am /8:30pm

Tues,Thur,Sat and Sun

Station 3 12min Lawn area
Station 4 12 min Lawn area
Station 5 12 min Lawn area

Program B Start time 6am
Mon,Wed,Fri and Sat

Station 1 25 min courtyard bubblers
Station 2 25 min courtyard bubblers
Station 6 25 min street side bubblers

Program C

Station 7 15 min. back patio bubblers
Station 8 15 min. back patio bubblers

Trash Pick-up: Mon & Thurs - Recycling: 1st and 3rd Wed of the month
Holiday Trash Schedule - Click Here

Landscape Maintenance

: performed on a four week rotation 

Pest Control: Open Range will service the community every second Thursday of the month, unless it falls on a holiday or in case of heavy rain. The technicians, Donny and Tanner,  plan to arrive between 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM. Should the service ever need to be rescheduled I will alert the property management the moment we know it is happening and typically we will complete the service that Saturday should it be missed on its regularly scheduled day. The technicians typically will wrap up between 10 & 11 depending on how many residents they encounter during their visit.  They typically start at the northeast end of the community on Palomar Dr, working their way around down Countryside, then back around with Micah being their last section of the day. 

The contract  includes exterior treatment of all units on a monthly basis.  Residents will need to leave their private courtyard gate unlocked and open and garage services doors open if you would like Open Range to treat your courtyard and garage. 

Interior service can also be requested at an additional cost of $5.00 per home. This will need to be paid by the resident in cash on the day of service directly to the technician. If you are interested in interior service, please leave a note on your back gate, mailbox, garage door, or somewhere conspicuous so Open Range knows to knock on your door. 

Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee a time that we will arrive at each section every month as the amount of courtyards, garages and interior services can fluctuate significantly and cause the guys to move slower or more quickly based on their interactions with residents and their homes.  Some months it takes them 3 hours, sometimes it can take 5 or more.  We also ask that residents not ask the technicians to backtrack to do services for residents that forgot to open their gates or put notes on their doors as again this can cause significant delays and the guys do have other appointments to get to after they finish serving the Palomar community each month.  

Please note that treating a courtyard only takes about 20 to 30 seconds and a garage can take less than 20 seconds.  Also, the products we use are specifically designed to have zero odor and dry extremely quickly so that you can use and touch treated surfaces again within minutes of being treated.  Not seeing the guys or not seeing the "wet ground" or smelling anything does not mean you were not treated, it just means that my technicians are moving efficiently as they were trained and the product is doing what it was designed to do.  You definitely should judge us based on the amount of pests you see in your home and if you are seeing more than what you would expect you should contact me directly or speak to one of the technicians when they are there (again just leave a note on your door)  so that it can be addressed for you.  

Should you ever have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or speak to either Donny or Tanner when they are on site each month. 

DeLane Patterson
P: 623-866-9719

Street Sweeping: Perfection Sweeping – Monthly- first Monday of the first full week -subject to change/weather permitting.

Remember before you remodel your condo, you must submit changes to the Architectural Committee for approval. Call Shannon for forms.

Call PORA at 623-584-4288 for help in finding a licensed contractor or handyman.

Paint Information for the Units: The paint is from Dun-Edwards located Bell & Rems Rd. in Surprise, AZ. The Siding: Navajo White DEC772. The Trim: Spanish Brown 212.

For copies of Board Minutes or additional information on Palomar, please visit the document center or one of our three Bulletin Boards located in the rear driveways of Spanish Garden, Countryside, and Palomar.